Saturday, 5 January 2013

Satisfy the needs of a culture. Enrich the culture. Empower the culture.Defend the culture.

How does the culture implant its spirit into it's members? It does it in a very strong and primordial wa
y. It uses vehicles.And one of the major vehicles it uses is that of music!...Rhythm! Song,Dance.   A culture involves people moving what? Together, in tandem, in rhythm. it involves them having the same temporals sense. The same kind of time clock so that they can move in syncrony, one with the other. Music is about syncrony, Poetry is about sycrony. Song is about syncrony.

Music is about symbols,and you see ultimately it is through symbols that you evoke behavior from people.So when a culture creates symbols those symbols are design to evoke particular types of reactions of feeling,and moods in it's members.And a culture establishes the potency of those symbols through rituals,through song,and through dance.

And one of the best ways then to inculcate cultural values,a cultural spirit,is through entertainment.It's while the members are being entertained,while they are feeling good the song is carrying the cultural values into the mind,and into the body.

The lyrics that represent the cultural interest,the lyrics that represent cultural values are being carried on the vehicle of the music.Carried through the vehicle of the poetry.The togetherness,the corporateness,the mutual movement together,and the synchrony of the culture is being in-trained through the music,and though the rhythm of the dance.

Therefore' you see' when you let another people take over your music,when you let another people take over your dance,and attach their content to it' they will use your own music,and your own dance,and your own rap lyrics,and your own poetry,and your own cultural symbols,to carry their message into your body,and into your mind!... Such that you can only respond then to their backen call,and to their wishes.And you see then' "Yes"You see then that they get you to buy those sneakers,and they get you to buy all of those things by what? associating them with your what? Your music!...With your cultural symbols.You see,with your poetry.With your rhythms,and so they attached their content to our rhythm!...Their content to our song! yes...But in away they take our own instruments and turn them against the self.

Notice' how quickly when one of our youngsters was rhyming kill the police' that kind of content was washed right our immediately.Yes...But what wash out occurs when the sing about shooting each other with their glocks and the other thing? When their contents of self destructiveness ride on the rhythm of their song,and of their dance.And when the symbols are loaded then with self destructive elements and content.

So what are we saying here then? that enculturation is a process of building in responsivity, and ultimately responsibility. The ability to respond to a particular call.And we then have appropriately inculturated ourselves when we can respond to our own culture,and to our own values,and to our own needs

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