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Introduction to Black studies course

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  Black History Studies presents

 Introduction to
Black Studies Course

Introduction to the Study of Black History, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Science, Art and Religion

starting February 2012 
Video Testimonials from Introduction to Black Studies Students 2011 
Video Testimonials from Introduction to Black Studies Students 2011
Now accredited! 
Introduction to Black Studies Course is a 30 week beginner's course that analyses all the major areas of the Black Experience - the History, the Politics, the Psychology, the Science & Technology, the Arts, and finally, the Religion. All of the information is selected to be of relevance and interest to the Black Community. The information itself is designed to inspire, challenge, and to provoke serious thought. 
The course is a highly accessible 30 week programme but it is also rigorous and content laden. It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject areas, but the adult student is taken through an avalanche of information. Reading lists and also course materials are provided.
You now have the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification NCFE Level 1 Award in Personal Achievement (QCF) on completion of this course. There are no entry requirements for this Award. Learners will not have to take any exams but will need to complete a Learner's booklet/portfolio and collect appropriate evidence to show that you have met the qualification's learning outcomes. You must attend the full 30 week course to complete the accreditation.
For more information on the accreditation, contact Charmaine Simpson.

Black Studies Class 2011 South London 


North London Course Dates: Thursday 9th February 2012 to Thursday 27th September 2012
South London Course Dates: Tuesday 7th February 2012 to Tuesday 25th September 2012
Course Venue (North London): Parish Room at St Michael's Church, Bounds Green Road, London, N22 8HE. Nearest Train/Tube Station: Wood Green
Course Venue (South London): PCS Learning Centre, 3rd Floor, 231 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EH. Nearest Train Station: Victoria. THIS MAY CHANGE TO CLAPHAM JUNCTION DURING 2012


Non Accredited Course Fees: £95 per term (10 weeks) or £250 for whole 30 week course (saving of £35!)
Accredited Course Fees: £125 per term (10 weeks) or £345 for whole 30 week course (saving of £30!) 


The course is divided into three terms consisting of the following lectures:
Term 1  
Class 1   Introduction to Black Studies 
Class 2   The facts concerning the Origins of Humanity
Class 3   Ethnicity of the Ancient Egyptians (Part I)
Class 4   Ethnicity of the Ancient Egyptians (Part II)
Class 5   Origins of Civilisation: Middle East or East Africa?
Class 6   Negro Civilisations on the Asian Continent: Elam, Saba and the Indus Valley
Class 7   The North African Civilisations: Carthage and Numidia
Class 8   The West African Civilisations: Ancient Ghana, Mali and Songhai
Class 9   The East African Civilisations: Kush, Axum and the Swahili
Class 10  Medieval Nubia
Term 2 
Class 11   Enslavement (Part I)
Class 12   Enslavement (Part II) 
Classes 13 and 14   Introduction to Black Political Realities 
Class 15   The Birth of Radical Black Sociology
Class 16   Family Organisation in the Black community
Class 17   Black Male/Female Relationships 
Class 18   Franz Fanon and the Birth of Black Psychology
Class 19   Developmental Psychology of Black Children
Class 20   Research Findings of Key Black Psychologists 
Term 3 
Class 21   The Black World's Contribution to Science and Technology (Part I) 
Class 22   The Black World's Contribution to Science and Technology (Part II)
Class 23   Traditions of Ancient African Art: Sahara, Nok, Igbo, Yoruba, and Benin
Class 24   Roots of Black Music 
Class 25   Ancient and Traditional Religions of Africa
Class 26   Judaism and the Black World
Class 27   Christianity and the Black World
Class 28   Islam, Buddhism and the Black World
Class 29   Rastafari, Nation of Islam, Kingism and Black Liberation Theology
Class 30   Discussion: How can we use Black Studies?  

Places on this course are limited and are available on a strictly first come, first served basis and we anticipate that there will be a lot of demand for this course.

If you would like to attend this course, please complete the enrolment online by clicking the button below or contact us at for an enrolment form.

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