Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A london pub with a colour bar in 2013

We think things have moved on but then right in front of your very eyes!
This is the recent disturbing experience suffered by an innocent young lady out to celebrate the arrival of 2013 she was moved to post up on a social network a short account of her traumatic experience.
As we venture into a new year with our hopes and aspirations I was shocked yesterday while out with my nieces and other family members. As a Londoner born and bred I was stunned when refused entry to 'Westminster Arms, Shepherds Neame' 9 & 10 Storey Gate, London SW1P 3AT.
My niece wanted the loo, but the queues where ridiculous for the port-a-loos, so we decided to look for a pub where we would buy a drink and use the facilities. As we approached, two men on the door simply said 'No Ladies', which I thought weird - was this a 'Man Only' pub? I said 'sorry' to which they repeated the line 'No Ladies'. Immediately my sensors where up, but as my niece was over from Sweden I put it to the back of my mind. We ventured off and found another pub, but on the way back we had to walk past the pub. They allowed in groups of white men, and a couple of white ladies. I looked through the window and yes, just as I thought, not a face of colour in the premises. I took a picture of the pub and one of the men who refused us entry covered his face. I needed to vent this as I thought the UK was making big strides with this sort of display of bigotry! I was extremely embarrassed as I had my niece, who is a guest in this country celebrating the NY etc, and to her this sort of thing doesn't happen here because THIS IS ENGLAND, but more likely in her country of Sweden where people of colour are fewer. 2013 didn't start well for me!

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