Thursday, 15 March 2012

Our Attempt at Being Equal without Intellectual Development Being Our Primary Objective

by Frederick Robert Williams Jr. on Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 01:38 ·

Whites have football created by white men in the beginning for white sports, and we mistakenly thought that by also participating, we were then being equal and accepted. That is how we started in it. Before they even let us play the sport with them, we were so desperate to be equal  that, we created our own Black football teams. This is the same pattern of thinking  concerning basketball which we also subconsciously but mistakenly assumed that it is the measure of equality for us in America. We have followed every single item that has been considered entertainment by white people and then sought it out for ourselves and our children. Now, that we are part of it, there's no stopping us now!

                                                                                                                                                                                      Yet, in the academic arena especially concerning serious intellectual development, we are lacking, just like the majority of the whites. We have children who grow up and become everything that they see most on TV. Within the past ten years alone, we have noticed a high percentage of police shows on TV on almost every channel. Undoubtedly a design to keep the people as law abiding citizens. The strategy worked. The number of young Blacks majoring in criminal justice studies rose significantly at many Universities.  Also, we see the rise of the Tyra Banks TV show promoting modeling and clothes designs with Black Girls and White Girls being side by side as one. Today we have a generation who watched these shows and have entered the Universities majoring in fashion designs with Black Girls and White Girls together as one. I really don't know how they will weather the economic storm which is taking the United States and European economies downward. I have also noticed African American men copying the Super bowl parties at the house where we watched TV commercials celebrating the notion of the Super Bowl Party. It is like Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner but with chicken wings and beer, just like the whites do. These are examples of what it means to be descendants of slaves where we seek the definition to reality thru the eyes of those who resemble the appearance of our masters'.  Outside of those issues, our people and thus our children need another set of symbols which define reality from an African American perspective regardless of what the whites put on TV as a TV show for entertainment and the follow thru mimicking  for our daily ambitions, towards dealing with reality as it stands now. It appears that the ideal of being Black in America is a limited reality which has been also taken over by the whites controlling TV, we have all been bombarded with the I have a dream speech of Dr. King like that sums up all that went on and all that he said. The whites carefully sat down in meetings at the top offices of the major news media's and decided how they were going to show with Black history month on TV. Of course, they chose those symbols from the descendants of the Slave Christian Church involving Gospel music. That is first on their agenda, because it is thought by whites that a good Black is a Christian Black just like the way that they determined a good slave which served them well.  There would be nothing from ancient Egypt concerning the oldest comb, bed, chair, or anything like that, because the Black Christian is not supposed to know anything of the such, if he is going to be a good Black Christian and serve the white needs from a military, economic, and historical point of view. That is what these religions are for, to get you to look upon those who don't look like you and serve their needs, serve their lands,  protect their racial image way above your own, and most of all perceive the lands where your family come from to be nothing in comparison to Israel, and Saudi Arabia. In this case, Africa is reduced to nothing in the minds of the people as they seek to praise those lands as where God blessed as defined by those foreign religions to the African continent which, Africans on the continent possess. In effect, Africa is seen as nothing, by the Christians, the Jews, and the Islamic because God directly approached their lands, ignored Black people, and Black land, as being a sin against God. None of these religions will ever have a Black man at their TOP, never. There is no Black man at the top of any religion on this Earth today and their hasn't been one in over two thousand years.  So, when Blacks kill Blacks that is a  ok. Islamic Blacks in Africa praise doing this to other Black people with pride and pleasure.  A sense of greatness is what they feel when killing other Blacks in Africa, because they are Christians, or because they are Islamic. They are really taking over from what their slave master's had started over 500 years ago. They say that they love Africa, but the western and foreign religious influences set within their minds, will auto-reset itself to self destruct, and they will be at it again killing each other along the religious lines of their former colonializers and enslavers of their children.


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