Friday, 6 January 2012

Remark by Diane Abbott Leads to Wave of Suffering across White Britain

Following the recent high profile court case and subsequent jailing of some the Killers in the Stephen Lawrence murder case after 18 years of the family seeking justice through the courts, A storm was quickly concocted by the media as a distraction from the spotlight being shined on the continued problems regarding institutional racism and race in the UK. This post was written as a response to the distraction following a comment by an MP Diane Abbott on twitter where she stated that White people continually use the colonial tactic of Divide and rule so favoured by the English historically and still used with great effect today!

This post was written by Reuben on January 5, 2012 
This was first posted in THE THIRD ESTATE
Today white people were left struggling to cope with the consequences of a racially charged outburst from politician Diane Abbott. The Labour MP took to twitter, earlier today, to allege that “white people like to divide and rule”.
Already, there are reports that police officers have been pouring into “white” areas, where they have been stopping, searching and harrassing white youth, on suspicion that they are “conspiring to divide and rule”. Officers are said to be arresting any white males who are caught in possession of Machiavelli’s The Prince.
There are also fears that Abbott’s comments will create yet more hurdles for young people who are already struggling to find work. “Now I dread going to job interviews” said Emily, a young white woman from reading. “I know that whatever abilities I demonstrate, the interviewer will always be wondering whether, if they give me the job, I will end up dividing the accounts department simply so that I can rule over it.”
Police, meanwhile, have defended their decision to shoot an unarmed white man in South East London. “My officers reacted quickly and they reacted well”, the borough commanded said. “They knew that in a matter of seconds, this young man would set them against each other, in order that he could manouver himself into a position of stewardship over them”. “It’s unfortunate, but immediate action was their only option”, he added.

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